Look at the underlined part of each sentence. Below each sentence, three possible substitutions for the underlined part are given. If one of them (i.e.,) (a), (b) or (c) is better than the underlined part, indicate your response on the Answer Sheet against the corresponding letter (a), (b) or (c). If none of the substitutions improves the sentence, indicate (d) as your response on the Answer Sheet. Thus a 'No improvement' response will be signified by the letter (d)
There is no $alternate$, so we must leave now

[ A ]    altering
[ B ]    alternative right
[ C ]    alternation
[ D ]    No improvement
Answer : Option B
Explanation :
There is no alternative, so we must leave now. An alternate is something or someone that serves in the place of another. Whereas alternative is the second option that does not replace the first.

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