1 . The equilibrium price of a commodity will definitely rise if there is a/an :
A.  increase in both demand and supply
B.  increase in demand accompanied by a decrease in supply.
C.  increase in supply combined with a decrease in demand.
D.  decrease in both demand and supply.
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2 . I f the Union Parliament is to assume legislative power over and subject included in the State List, the resolution to the effect has to be passed by which of the following ?
A.  Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
B.  Rajya Sabha
C.  Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and legislatures of the concerned States
D.  Lok Sabha
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3 . Which of the following is the major copper producing country ?
A.  Indonesia
B.  Chile
C.  Sri Lanka
D.  Russia
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4 . Who was the governor - general during the Second Anglo-Mysore War ?
A.  Lord Cornwallis
B.  Warren Hastings
C.  Lord Wellesley
D.  Sir John Shore
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5 . A clone is a group of individuals obtained through
A.  Micropropagation
B.  Hybridisation
C.  Cross pollination
D.  Self pollination
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6 . Nitrogen in water is commonly found in the form of
A.  Nitrous oxide
B.  Nitrite
C.  Nitrate
D.  Nitric oxide
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7 . The fleshy thalamus is edible in
A.  Orange
B.  Tomato
C.  Mango
D.  Apple
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8 . The forests which act as barriers against cyclones are :
A.  Alpine forests
B.  Monsoon forests
C.  Mangrove forests
D.  Evergreen forests
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9 . Reservation for the Scheduled cast es and Scheduled tribes in the service has been provided in the Indian Constitution under –
A.  Article 315
B.  Article 365
C.  Article 335
D.  Article 375
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10 . Immunization technique was developed by
A.  Louis Pasteur
B.  Robert Koch
C.  Edward Jenner
D.  Joseph Lister
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