1 .
A and B can complete a piece of work in 8 and 10 days respectively. However they work alternately one day each with A beginning the work. In how much time will the work be completed ?
A.  $4 \over 5$ days
B.  5$4\over 5$ days
C.  8$4 \over 5$
D.  6$4\over 5$
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2 .
If the numberator of a fraction is increased by 800% and the denominator is increased by 300%. The resultant fraction is 1 $2\over7$ . What was the original fraction ?
A.  $4 \over 7$
B.  $11 \over 7$
C.  $7 \over 11$
D.  $4 \over 11$
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3 .
The distance between places A and B is 999 kms. An express train leaves place A at 6 am and Runs at a speed of 55.5 km/hr. The train stops on the one the way for 1 hours 20 minutes. It reaches B at
A.  1 : 20 am
B.  12 : 00 pm
C.  6 : 00 pm
D.  11 : 00 pm
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4 .
The angle of elevation of the top of a building from the top and bottom of a tree are xand y respectively. If the height of the tree is hmetres, then the height of the building is
A.  $h cotx \over cot x - cot y$
B.  $h cot^2 x \over cot x - cot y$
C.  $h cotx \over cot x + cot y$
D.  $h cot^2 x \over cot x + cot y$
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5 .
If sin sec(30 + $\alpha$ ) = 1 and 0 < $\alpha$ < 60, then the value of sin$\alpha$ + cos2$\alpha$ is -
A.  1
B.  $2 + \sqrt 3 \over 2\sqrt 3$
C.  0
D.  $\sqrt 2$
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6 .
Pipe A can fill a tank in 10 hours, pipe B in 15 hours and pipe C can empty it in 20 hours. If all the 3 pipes are open together when will the tank be filled ?
A.  5 hours
B.  4$8 \over 13$ hours
C.  8$4 \over 7$ hours
D.  7 hours
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7 .
X and Y can complete a job in 12 days. X alone can complete it in 16 days. Both of them work together for 4 days and then X left the work. How long will it take for Y to complete the remaining work ?
A.  32 days
B.  48 days
C.  20 days
D.  36 days
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8 .
The marked price of an article is Rs. 150. If he allows a discount of 10%, he still gains a profit of 25%. The cost price of the article is
A.  Rs.54
B.  Rs.102
C.  Rs.108
D.  Rs.100
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9 .
After allowing a discount of 12%, a trader made a profit of 10%. What profit percentage he would have got , if t here was no discount ?
A.  22%
B.  25%
C.  21%
D.  27%
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10 .
If the simple interest on a sum of money at 5% per annum for 3 years is Rs. 1200. The compound interest on the same sum for the same period at the same rate is
A.  Rs.1261
B.  Rs.1263
C.  Rs.1265
D.  Rs.1267
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