1 .The length of a rectangular plot is thrice its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 7803 sq. metre, what is the breadth of the rectangular plot?
A.  51 metres
B.  153 metres
C.  104 metres
D.  88 metres
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2 .Ratio of Rani’s and Komal’s age is 3 : 5 respectively. Ratio of Komal’s and Pooja’s age is 2 : 3 respectively. If Rani is twofifth of Pooja’s age, what is Rani’s age?
A.  10 years
B.  15 years
C.  24 years
D.  Cannot be determined
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3 .In a mixture of milk and water the proportion of water by weight was 75% if in the 60 gms mixture 15 gms water was added, what would be the percentage of water in the new mixture?
A.  75%
B.  80%
C.  90%
D.  100%
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4 .The sum of five numbers is 290. The average of the first two numbers is 48.5 and the average of last two numbers is 53.5. What is the third number?
A.  72
B.  84
C.  96
D.  86
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5 .In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘SMART’ be arranged?
A.  25
B.  60
C.  180
D.  120
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6 .A sum of Rs.2,236 is divided among A, B and C such that A receives 25% more than C and C receives 25% less than B. What is A’s share in the amount?
A.  Rs.460
B.  Rs.890
C.  Rs.780
D.  Rs.1280
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7 .The average weight of a group of 53 girls was calculated as 58 kgs. It was later discovered that the weight of one of the girls was read as 65 kgs., whereas her actual weight was 45 kgs. What is the actual average weight of the group of 53 girls ? (rounded off to two digits after decimal)
A.  58.62 kgs
B.  58.37 kgs
C.  57.37 kgs
D.  57.62 kgs
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8 .What is the square root of 9 + $2\sqrt{4}$ ?
A.  a
B.  b
C.  c
D.  d
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9 .An aeroplane flies along the four sides of a square at a speed of 100, 200, 300 and 400 km/h, respectively. What is the average speed of the plane in its flight around the square?
A.  196 km/h
B.  196 km/h
C.  250 km/h
D.  None of these
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10 .
A.  Only – 4
B.  Only 4
C.  4, – 4
D.  2, – 2