1 . Which of the following is used as a primary memory of a computer ?
A.  Magnetic storage device
C.  Optical storage device
D.  Magneto-Optical storage device
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2 . Carbon footprint can be reduced by :
A.  Commuting by public transport
B.  Using energy efficient appliances
C.  Recycling waste materials
D.  All the above
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3 . Chief Justices of the Supreme Court hold office till they attain the age of ______ .
A.  65 years
B.  62 years
C.  60 years
D.  58 years
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4 . Pachmarhi biosphere reserve is in :
A.  Arunachal Pradesh
B.  Himachal Pradesh
C.  Andhra Pradesh
D.  Madhya Pradesh
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5 . Cloud burst means :
A.  Abnormally heavy downpour of rain, associated with Thunderstorm
B.  Formation of artificial rain
C.  Presence of scattered flakes of cloud in the sky
D.  Sowing of seeds of a crop in a cloudy weather.
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6 . On which of the following issues can a Governor make recommendation to the President ?
1. Dismissal of the State Council of Ministers
2. Removal of the Judges of the High Court
3. Dissolution of the State Legislative Assembly
4. Declaration of the breakdown of the Constitutional Machinery in the state. Select the correct answer using the codes given below :
A.  1, 2 and 3
B.  2, 3 and 4
C.  1, 3 and 4
D.  1, 2 and 4
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7 . Which committee recommended for three language formula ?
A.  Rajamannar Committee
B.  Kothari Committee
C.  Dutt Committee
D.  Raj Committee
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8 . The ri ce is cooked more quickl y in a pressure cooker because :
A.  water boils at a higher temperature under pressure
B.  it is covered
C.  less quantity of water is used
D.  none of the above
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9 . Wings of birds and insects are :
A.  analogous
B.  paralogous
C.  homologous
D.  xenologous
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10 . The Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council Are :
A.  Germany, Italy, France, India, China
B.  UK, US, China, Australia, New Zealand
C.  China, France, Russia, UK, US
D.  India, China, France, Russia, UK
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