1 .
An ice block with a piece of lead embedded in it floats in water. If ice melts the water level
A.  Rises
B.  Falls
C.  Remains same
D.  Falls first and then rises
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2 .
Sour taste of 'Coca Cola' is due to the presence of
A.  acetic acid
B.  phosphoric acid
C.  hydrochloric acid
D.  formic acid
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3 .
What is the common in AIDS, Mumps and Poliomyelitis ?
A.  Young children get affected most readily
B.  No effective vaccine has yet been developed for them
C.  These are caused by viruses
D.  Their germs can be transmitted through blood transfusions
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4 .
The Sultan who is said to have raised the land revenue to one-half of the production was
A.  Balban
B.  Ala-ud-din Khilji
C.  Muhammad bin Tughluq
D.  Firoz Tughluq
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5 .
Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
A.  Tharu : Uttarakhand
B.  Bhutia : Uttar Pradesh
C.  Munda : Bihar
D.  Adiyan : Rajasthan
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6 .
'Transhumance' refers to
A.  migration of animals in ranches
B.  human migration in search of job
C.  seasonal movement of people and their herds from valley to mountain and vice versa
D.  migration of nomads
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7 .
Real wage is
A.  $Profit \over Price \,\, level$
B.  $Rent \over Price \,\, level$
C.  $Interest \over Price \,\, level$
D.  $Money wage \over Price \,\, level$
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8 .
If the average revenue is a horizontal straight line, marginal revenue will be
A.  U shaped
B.  Kinked
C.  Identical with average revenue
D.  L shaped
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9 .
A unit price elastic demand curve will touch
A.  both price and quantity axis
B.  neither price axis, nor quantity axis
C.  only price axis
D.  only quantity axis
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10 .
'Sodium Pump' operates in
A.  Muscle contraction
B.  Heart beat
C.  Nerve impulse
D.  None of the above
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