1 . Bleaching powder is prepared by passing —
A.  Chlorine over slaked lime
B.  Oxygen over slaked lime
C.  Carbon dioxide over slaked lime
D.  Chlorine over quick lime
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2 . Divi sion of Powers and Independent Judiciary are the two important features of
A.  Socialist form Government
B.  Unitary form of Government
C.  Democratic form of Government
D.  Federal form of Government
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3 . Which Article of the Indian Constitution did Dr. B.R. Ambedkar term as the "Heart and Soul of the Indian Constitution" ?
A.  Article 14
B.  Article 19
C.  Article 15
D.  Article 32
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4 . Who was the first to use the term 'State' ?
A.  Hobbes
B.  Plato
C.  Aristotle
D.  Machiavelli
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5 . Forced Savings refer to—
A.  Reduction of consumption consequent to a rise in prices
B.  Taxes on individual income and wealth
C.  Compulsory depos it s i mposed on income tax payers
D.  Provident fund contribution of private sector employees
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6 . The demand for labour is called
A.  Market Demand
B.  Direct demand
C.  Derived demand
D.  Factory demand
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7 . Which of the following is not an investment expenditure in goods and services ?
A.  Expansion of the main plant of a company
B.  Purchase of a house
C.  Purchase of machinery
D.  An increase in business inventories
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8 . Which river in India flows in a rift-valley ?
A.  Cauvery
B.  Tapti
C.  Narmada
D.  Krishna
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9 . A narrow strip of land that connects two larger land masses is called
A.  Strait
B.  Peninsula
C.  Cape
D.  Isthmus
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10 . The dif ference between GNP and NNP equals
A.  transfer payments
B.  depreciation
C.  corporate profits
D.  personal taxes
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