1 .
Fengyun-4 an advance weather satellite has been successfully launched into orbit by which country?
A.  Russia
B.  China
C.  Japan
D.  Malaysia
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2 .
Who has been conferred with the ICFA's 2016 Global Agriculture Leadership Award?
A.  Narendra Modi
B.  Mukesh Ambani
C.  Venkaiah Naidu
D.  Ratan Tata
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3 .
By whom was the book The Other One Percent: Indians in America has been authored?
A.  Mohana Krishnan
B.  Sanjoy Chakravorty
C.  Joe Harris
D.  Balaji Vittal
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4 .
In India, the first Municipal Corporation was set up at where one among the following?
A.  Calcutta
B.  Madras
C.  Bombay
D.  Delhi
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5 .
Which Indian batswoman has been named in the ICC Women's team of the year 2016?
A.  Vellaswamy Vanitha
B.  Veda Krishnamurthy
C.  Smriti Mandhana
D.  Mithali Raj
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6 .
On which of the following days International Day of Older Persons is celebrated?
A.  $30^{th}$ September
B.  $29^ {th}$ September
C.  $1^{st}$October
D.  $2^{nd}$October
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7 .
Which among the following temples does not belong to the Chola Empire?
A.  Brihadishwara
B.  Koranganatha
C.  Kailashanatha
D.  Airavateshwar
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8 .
Which one of the following colours of light is strongly absorbed by plants?
A.  Violet and orange
B.  Blue and red
C.  Violet and yellow
D.  Yellow and violet
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9 .
Immunization Incentives and Information Programme has been launched by which state government of India?
A.  Uttar Pradesh
B.  Haryana
C.  Kerala
D.  Odisha
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10 .
Battle of Dharmat was fought between
A.  Muhammad Ghori and Jai Chand
B.  Babur and Afghans
C.  Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh
D.  Ahmad Shah Durrani and the Marathas
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