1 .
Bajirao was appointed as Peshwa at the age of 20 years under the reign of ____
A.  Sambhaji
B.  Chhatrapati Shahu
C.  Rajaram II of Satara
D.  Rajaram Chhatrapati
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2 .
Consider the following statements about the Attorney General of India

1.He is appointed by the President of India

2.He must have the same qualifications as are required for a judge of the Supreme Court

3.He must be a member of either House of Parliament

4.He can be removed by impeachment by Parliament
A.  1 and 2
B.  1 and 3
C.  2, 3 and 4
D.  3 and 4
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3 .
Which of the following soils is most conductive for the growth of cotton?
A.  Alluvial
B.  Red
C.  Laterite
D.  Black
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4 .
With which of the following, the BliSS scheme is related to _____?
A.  Travel & Tourism Promotion
B.  Mother and Child Health
C.  Biotechnology Education
D.  Business & Economy Transactions
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5 .
Fundamental Rights are enshrined in the Constitution of India in:
A.  Part I
B.  Part III
C.  Part IV
D.  Part V
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6 .
Resolution of Purna Swaraj was passed on 26 January 1930 at
A.  Haripur
B.  Lahore
C.  Karachi
D.  Calcutta
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7 .
The technique used to transmit audio signals in television broadcasts is:
A.  Amplitude Modulation
B.  Frequency Modulation
C.  Pulse Code Modulation
D.  Time Division Multiplexing
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8 .
The largest Oil Field of Gujarat is in
A.  Sanand
B.  Kadi
C.  Ankleshwar
D.  Kalol
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9 .
Shiva Keshavan is associated with which sports?
A.  Wushu
B.  Luge
C.  Swimming
D.  Table Tennis
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10 .
Which one of the following is not a computer language?
A.  Cobol
B.  Visual Basic
D.  Netscape
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