31 .Red phosphorus is less reactive than yellow phosphorus because-
A.  It is red in colour
B.  it is highly polymerized
C.  It is insoluble in C2H5OH
D.  it is hard
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32 .Which of the following could act as properllant for rockets-
A.  Liquid hydrogen + Liquid nitrogen
B.  Liquid nitrogern – Liquid oxygen
C.  Liquid hydrogen - Liquid oxygen
D.  Liquid oxygen – Liquid argon
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33 .Oxygen and ozone are -
A.  allotropes
B.  isomers
C.  isotopes
D.  isobars
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34 .The detergent action of soap is due to its-
A.  Emulsifying property
B.  Alkalinity
C.  Solubility in water
D.  Preciptating power
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35 .Acid rain is caused by the pollution of environment by-
A.  carbon dioxide and nitrogen
B.  carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
C.  ozone and carbon dioxide
D.  Nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide
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36 .In the ordinary fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide is generated by the reaction of
A.  Sodium carbonate and dilute HCI
B.  Sodium bicarbonate and dilute H2SO4
C.  Limestone and dilute H2SO4
D.  Marble powder and dilute HCI
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37 .The gas produced in marshy places due to decomposition of vegetation is
A.  Carbon monoxide
B.  Carbon dioxide
C.  Sulphur dioxide
D.  Methane
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38 .When a few typical solutes are separted by aparticular selective membrane, such as protein particles from blood corpuscles, the process is called-
A.  Exosmosis
B.  Dialysis
C.  Transpiration
D.  Endosmosis
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39 .'Yellow cake' an item of smuggling across broder is-
A.  a crude form of heroin
B.  a crude form of cocaine
C.  uranium oxide
D.  unrefined gold
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40 .In galvanization, iron is coated with
A.  Copper
B.  Zinc
C.  Tin
D.  Nickel
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41 .TAj Mahal is said to be suffering from 'Marble Cancer'. What is Marble Cancer?
A.  Smokes filling the Taj Mahal from adjoining industries
B.  Large no. of funges is Taj Mahal marbles.
C.  Acidic rain which corrodes marble
D.  Yellowing of marble on a/c.. of soot particles
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42 .Match List - I with List - II and
select the correct answer using thecodes given below the ListsList - I List - II
A. Blue 1. Sodium bicarbonatevitriol
B. Epson 2. Sodium hydroxidesalt
C. Baking 3. Magnesium sulphateSoda
D. Caustic 4. Copper sulphateSoda
A.  3 4 2 1
B.  4 3 2 1
C.  3 4 1 2
D.  4 3 1 2
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43 .The bleeding of a wound is stopped by the application of ferric chloride because-
A.  Blood starts flowing in the opposite direction
B.  Ferric chloride seals the blood vessels
C.  Blood reacts and a solid is formed which seals the blood vessels
D.  Blood is coagulated and the blood vessels are sealed
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44 .Soda ash is the name for:
A.  Sodium hydroxide
B.  Anhydrous sodium carbonate
C.  Sodium bicarbonate
D.  Hydrated sodium carbonate
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45 .An ideal gas is one which obeys-
A.  Gas laws
B.  Boyle's laws
C.  Charle's law
D.  Avogadro's law
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