1 .The National Housing Bank is a subsidiary of :
A.  Reserve Bank of India
C.  Unit Trust of India
D.  Life Insurance Corporation of India
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2 .A steady increase in the general level of prices as a result of excessive increase in aggregate demand as compared to aggregate supply is termed as:
A.  demand-pull inflation
B.  cost-push inflation
C.  stagflation
D.  structural inflation
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3 .The oldest stock exchange of India is:
A.  Bombay Stock Exchange
B.  Ahmedabad Stock Exchange
C.  Bangalore Stock Exchange
D.  Hyderabad Stock Exchange
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4 .Consider the following statements:
Regional disparities inIndia are high and have been rising in recent years because:
1. There is persistent investment over time only in Selectlocales
2. Some areas are agro climatically less conducive todevelopment
3. Some areas continue to face little or no agrariantransformation and the consequent lack of social andeconomic opportunities
4. Some areas have faced continuous political instability.Which of the above statements are correct?

A.  1,2 and 3
B.  1,2 and 4
C.  1,3 and 4
D.  2, 3 and 4
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5 .The inflation experienced in the country at present is :
A.  galloping inflation
B.  secondary inflation
C.  unrealistic inflation
D.  cost-push inflation
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6 .The special paper required for printing of currency notes by the Security Presses in the country is manufactured at :
A.  Hyderabad
B.  Kolkata
C.  Hoshangabad
D.  Dewas
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7 .Which bank gives long term loan to farmers?
B.  Land Development Bank
D.  Rural banks
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8 .On account of some national emergency or in order to carry out some secret mission, the government sometimes requires funds but may not give the details of the expenditure estimates. The House grants some lumpsum for this called:
A.  emergency budget
B.  vote of Credit
C.  contingency bill
D.  supplementary budget
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9 .The Planning Commission of India :
I. was set up in 1950
II. is a constitutional body
III. is an advisory body
IV. is a government department

A.  I and II
B.  II and III
C.  I and III
D.  III only
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10 .Which of the following is not required while computing Gross National Product (GNP)?
A.  Net foreign investment
B.  Private investment
C.  Per capita income of citizens
D.  Purchase of goods by government
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11 .Which of the following can be used for checking inflation temporarily?
A.  Increase in wages
B.  Decrease in money supply
C.  Decrease in taxes
D.  None of these
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12 .The Planning Commission is :
A.  a Ministry
B.  a Government department
C.  an Advisory body
D.  an Autonomous Corporation
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13 .What do you understand by Bear raid?
A.  An attempt to bring down the price of strong short selling
B.  Simulataneous buying of shares and debentures in view of getting more values in near future
C.  Higher rate of price paid for the particular government share or debentures
D.  Any of the above
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14 .India is said to be in the second stage of the demographic transition because:
A.  Both birth and death rates are high
B.  Birth rate is high but death rate is declining due to improvement in healthy services
C.  Death rates and birth rates are declining sharply
D.  None of the above
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15 .What is the animal on the insignia of the RBI ?
A.  Lion
B.  Tiger
C.  Panther
D.  Elephant
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