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1 . Which part of the tea plant is used for making tea ?
A.  Root
B.  Flower
C.  Leaves
D.  Stem
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2 . Soil can best be conserved on the hills by which of the cultivating methods?
A.  Strip cropping
B.  Crop rotation
C.  Contour ploughing
D.  Terracing
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3 . Petroleum is generally found in:
A.  igneous intrusions into sedimentary strata
B.  old fold mountains
C.  alluvial deposits of the river valleys
D.  folded marine sedimentary rocks
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4 . The Taiga belt lies between :
A.  Mediterranean climate and Tundra
B.  Monsoon climate and Tundra
C.  Temperate grasslands and Tundra
D.  Tibet type climate and Tundra
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5 . Formation of pot holes in river beds is an example of:
A.  hydration
B.  erosion
C.  corrosion
D.  attrition
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6 . The clouds extending from one side of horizon to other as a dark grey sheet having uniform base are called:
A.  Stratus clouds
B.  Cumulus clouds
C.  Cirrus clouds
D.  Nimbus clouds
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7 . Match the following:
National Parks - Location
A. Dudhwa National Park 1. Kullu
B. Dachigam National Park 2. Lakhimpur Kheri
C. Great Himalayan Park 3. Chamoli
D. Nandadevi National Park 4. Srinagar
A.  2 4 1 3
B.  4 3 2 1
C.  2 1 4 3
D.  2 3 4 1
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8 . Among the following cities, which one is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer?
A.  Delhi
B.  Kolkata
C.  Jodhpur
D.  Nagpur
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9 . The capital of Lakshadweep is:
A.  Port Blair
B.  Silvassa
C.  Aizawl
D.  Kavaratti
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10 . Which is the largest tiger reserve in India?
A.  Nagarjuna
B.  Manas
C.  Pench
D.  Corbett
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11 . Hussain Sagar lake is located in :
A.  Jaipur
B.  Srinagar
C.  Bangalore
D.  Hyderabad
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12 . Which of the following has the highest wind velocity ?
A.  Leo
B.  tropopause
C.  Typhoon
D.  Hurricane
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13 . The Climate' is He average atmospheric conditions of an area over a considerable period of time. For proper conclusions. Observations are needed for a minimum period of :
A.  5 years
B.  10 years
C.  31 years
D.  35 years
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14 . Which one of the following regions has Mediterranean type of climate?
A.  Cape Town region of South Africa
B.  Great Plains of North America
C.  North-Eastern Australia
D.  Southern Algeria
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15 . Wular lake of Kashmir is a :
A.  Ox- bow lake
B.  Lake formed by blocking of ice
C.  Lake formed by terminal morainic dam
D.  Lake formed by deposition of silt
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