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1 . Who is considered the guardian of the Public Purse?
A.  Parliament
B.  Comptroller and Auditor-General
C.  Public Accounts Committee
D.  The President
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2 . Which of the following features does the Indian Constitution borrow from the Weimar Constitution of Germany?
A.  The idea of a federation with a strong centre
B.  The method of presidential elections
C.  The Emergency powers
D.  Provisions concerning the suspension of fundamental rights during National Emergency
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3 . Who, according to the Anti-Defection Act, is the final authority to decide whether a member of Lok Sabha has incurred disqualification due to defection?
A.  Speaker
B.  President
C.  Election Commission
D.  High Court
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4 . The resignation letter of a State Public Service Commission member is addressed to the :
A.  President
B.  Governor
C.  Chief Justice of India
D.  Chief Minister
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5 . State which of the following statements is incorrect:
A.  A money bill deals with imposition, remission, alteration or regulation of tax
B.  A money bill deals with regulation borrowing money or giving of any guarantee by the Government
C.  A money bill deals with the money of the consolidated fund
D.  A money bill is one which provides for the imposition of fines or fees.
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6 . The Constitution names our country as :
A.  Bharat
B.  India, that is Bharat
C.  Hindustan
D.  Aryavarta
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7 . The maximum number of Anglo Indians who can be nominated to the Lok Sabha are:
A.  3
B.  2
C.  5
D.  4