1 .Direction : In Question nos. 1 to 10, you have brief passages with 5 questions. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives and mark it by blackening the appropriate oval [ ] in the Answer Sheet.
The tigress was a mile away and the ground between her and us was densely wooded, scattered over with great rocks and cut up by a number of deep ravines, but she could cover the distance well within the half-hour — if she wanted to. The question I had to decide was, whether or not I should try to call her. If I called and she heard me, and came while it was still daylight and gave me a chance to shoot her, all would be well; on the other hand, if she came and did not give me a shot, some of us would not reach camp, for we had nearly two miles to go and the path the whole way ran through heavy jungle.
1. According to the author
A.  the tigress wanted to cover the distance within the half-hour
B.  the tigress did not wish to cover the distance within the half-hour
C.  the ti gress act ual ly covered the distance within the half-hour
D.  there was a possibility of the tigress covering the distance within the halfhour
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2 . The author says, “Some of us would not reach campâ€, because
A.  it was two miles away
B.  the tigress would kill some of them
C.  the path is not suitable for walking
D.  the ground was scattered over with great rocks
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3 .The author found it difficult to decide the question because
A.  he was afraid
B.  the tigress was only a mile away
C.  the ground between them was densely wooded
D.  there was uncert ai nty about the reaction of the tigress to his call
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4 .The time available to the author for shooting the tigress was
A.  the whole day
B.  one night
C.  a few hours
D.  thirty minutes
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5 .When the author says ‘all would be well’, he means
A.  that they woul d be abl e t o hi de themselves in the heavy jungle
B.  that the tigress would run away to the deep ravines
C.  that they would be able to shoot her down without difficulty
D.  that they would be able to return in daylight
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The overwhelming vote given by the greater part of the public has so far been in favour of films which pass the time easily and satisfy that part of our imagination which depends on the more obvious kind of daydreams. We make up for what we secretly regard as our deficiencies by watching the stimulating adventures of the other people who are stronger, more effective, or more beautiful than we are. The conventional stars act out our daydreams for us in a constant succession of exciting situations set in the open spaces, in the jungles or in the underworld of great cities which abounds in crime and violence. We would not dare to be in such situations but the situations are very exciting to watch since our youth is being spent in day-to-day routine of school, office or home.
6. According to the passage, most of us prefer films which
A.  overwhelm our imagination
B.  depict our times
C.  fulfil our secret wishes
D.  appeal to our reason
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7 .By watching thrilling adventures in films we make up for
A.  the effectiveness of our desires
B.  the shortcomings in our life
C.  the stimulation of our everyday life
D.  the influence which we don’t have
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8 .Film stars present situations
A.  which are familiar to us, the city dwellers
B.  which we have seen only in jungles
C.  which we meet everyday at work
D.  which excite us
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9 .Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, we are aware that
A.  we are weak and plain
B.  we are both powerful and handsome
C.  we are as strong as film heroes
D.  we are more beautiful than film stars
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10 .The daily life of students, office-goers and housewives is
A.  full of new adventures
B.  the same dull repetition
C.  stimulating to their imagination
D.  very exciting to them
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