1 .In which year did the Indian Economy attain the highest growth rate ?
A.  2006 – 07
B.  2007 – 08
C.  2008 – 09
D.  2005 – 06
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2 .Who said, ‘‘Freedom is almost within reach, we have to seize it’’?
A.  Mahatma Gandhi
B.  Subhash Chandra Bose
C.  Jawahar Lal Nehru
D.  Shaukat Ali
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3 .For a maximum of how many times can a person be elected for the post of the President ?
A.  Two times
B.  Three times
C.  Four times
D.  There is no bar
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4 .If the Prime Minister of India is a member of the Upper House of the Parliament, then –
A.  He cannot vote in his own favour in case of no-confidence motion
B.  He cannot speak on the budget in the Lower House
C.  He can give a statement only in the Upper House
D.  He must become a member of the Lower House within six months after taking the oath of office as Prime Minister
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5 .The gases used for respiratory activities of divers are –
A.  oxygen and nitrogen
B.  oxygen and helium
C.  oxygen and argon
D.  oxygen and neon
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6 .Beta-blocker is a medicine to prevent from –
A.  Heart attack
B.  Enlargement of Prostate gland
C.  Chronic diabetes
D.  None of the above
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7 .Night vision cameras do not use which one of the following ?
A.  Amplified light
B.  Infra red sensors
C.  Heat radiation from objects
D.  X-ray radiation from objects
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8 .The powder used for developing finger prints on a multi-coloured surface is –
A.  Gold Dust
B.  Maganese Dioxide
C.  Charcoal
D.  Fluorescent Powder
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9 . Oral submucos fibrosis is a disease caused by –
A.  Drinking Liquor
B.  Smoking Tobacco
C.  Consuming Gutka containing tobacco
D.  Consuming Red Meat
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10 .The former name of Harijan Sevak Sangh was –
A.  All India Anti-Untouchability League
B.  All India Depressed Classes Association
C.  Depressed Classes Association for Social Reforms
D.  Association of Untouchables
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