1 .
Temujin Khan, the Mongol leader who rose from a humble beginning to establish the largest land empire in history, was later known as:
A.  Tamerlane
B.  Genghis Khan
C.  Batu Khan
D.  Kublai Khan
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2 .
Which of the following are the three groups of decision makers in the economy?
A.  Households, business firms, banks
B.  Business firms, banks, foreign traders
C.  Business firms, govt., banks
D.  Household, business firms and govt
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3 .
An individual being unable to find a job because his/her job skills have become obsolete is termed as:
A.  Hidden unemployment
B.  Seasonal unemployment
C.  Cyclical unemployment
D.  Structural unemployment
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4 .
What does tight monetary policy of the RBI refer to?
A.  Decrease the demand for money
B.  Contract the supply of money
C.  Expand the supply of money
D.  Increase the demand for money
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5 .
In which of the following cases the aggregate demand curve would shift down?
A.  Taxes being increased
B.  Money supply being increased
C.  Govt. spending being increased
D.  Interest rate being decreased
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6 .
Which of the following hurdles needs to be overcome to achieve the goal of financial inclusion?
A.  Illiteracy
B.  lack of bank branches
C.  Low income
D.  All the above
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7 .
Who among the following was the first speaker of the Lok sabha?
A.  Neelam Sajiva Reddy
B.  Sardar Hukam Singh
C.  MA Ayyangar
D.  Ganesh Vasudev Mavlankar
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8 .
Which of the following is the world's largest landlocked country?
A.  Ethiopia
B.  Chad
C.  Kazikhstan
D.  Mongolia
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9 .
Which of the following plants is used to extract biodiesel?
A.  Soybean
B.  Castor
C.  Jatropha
D.  Aloe Vera
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10 .
Which of the following flowers is credited to have the world's bloom?
A.  Gustavia augusta
B.  Rafflesia arnoldii
C.  Lilium
D.  Iris
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