1 .
The largest coral reef in the world is found near the coast of which one of the following countries?
A.  Australia
B.  Cuba
C.  Ghana
D.  Philippines
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2 .
Which of the following structures present in mammalian skin directly helps in keeping the body warm?
A.  Pigmented cells
B.  Sweat glands
C.  Lymph vessels
D.  Blood capillaries
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3 .
During which Five Year Plan was the Emergency clamped, new elections took place and the Janata Party was elected?
A.  Third
B.  Fourth
C.  Fifth
D.  Sixth
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4 .
How much interest rate will be offered by Airtel Payments Bank on savings accounts deposits?
A.  7.25%
B.  7.50%
C.  7.75%
D.  7.52%
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5 .
Which among the following fishes lives mostly in the ocean but during reproduction goes to fresh water stream?
A.  Hilsa and Herring
B.  Hilsa and Salmon
C.  Hilsa and Eel
D.  Eel and Chod
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6 .
Mekong Ganga Co-operation Project is:
A.  An irrigation project involving India and Myanmar
B.  A joint tourism initiative of some Asian countries
C.  A hydroelectric power project involving India, Bangladesh and Myanmar
D.  A defence and security agreement of India with its eastern neighbours
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7 .
A few layers of cells form the basic packing of tissue. What is this tissue called ?
A.  Collenchyma
B.  Parenchyma
C.  Sclerenchyma
D.  Chlorenchyma
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8 .
In which Schedule of Indian constitution power, authority and responsibilities of Panchayats are stated ?
A.  Eighth schedule
B.  Ninth schedule
C.  Eleventh schedule
D.  Twelve schedule
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9 .
Which act passed by the British government in 1919 authorized to imprison, any person suspected of terrorism without trial ?
A.  Government of India Act 1919
B.  Government of India Act 1935
C.  Rowlatt Act
D.  All of above
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10 .
Who was the governor general of India during the sepoy Mutiny ?
A.  Lord Hardings
B.  Lord Dalhousie
C.  Lord Cannings
D.  Lord Northbrook
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