1 .
A spore production plants is
A.  Ginger
B.  Potato
C.  Rose
D.  Bread mould
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2 .
Movement along the same demand curve is known as ____
A.  Extension and Contraction of Demand
B.  Increase and Decrease of Demand
C.  Contraction of supply
D.  Increase of supply
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3 .
A magnet placed on plane has a magnetic field of its own around it. Which decreases on magnitude as
A.  We move away from the magnet
B.  We move toward from the magnet
C.  We do not move
D.  We move away and toward from the magnet
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4 .
Enterpreneurial ability is a special kind of labour that _____
A.  is hired out to firms at high wages
B.  organizes the process of production
C.  produces new capital goods to earn interest
D.  manages to avoid losses by continual innovation
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5 .
Rods of cadmium or boron are used in Nuclear Reactor to
A.  absorb the excess neutron produced in Rusion
B.  absorb the excess electron produced in Fission
C.  absorb the excess proton produced in Fusion
D.  absorb the excess neutrons produced in Fission
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6 .
Which of the following is a parasitic plant ?
A.  Kelp
B.  Pteris
C.  Mushroom
D.  Marchantia
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7 .
Which of the following in not one of the important steps in processing tea leaves ?
A.  Rolling
B.  Drying
C.  Fermenting
D.  Withering
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8 .
Which of the following blood groups may be present in the children of couple having blood groups A and B, respectively ?
A.  A and B only
B.  A, B and AB
C.  A, B, AB and O
D.  AB only
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9 .
The human eye forms the image of an object at its
A.  Cornea
B.  Iris
C.  Pupil
D.  Retina
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10 .
The climbers experi ence problems in breathing due to
A.  Increase in the density of air
B.  Decrease in density of air
C.  The density of the atmosphere does not varies with height
D.  Dust particle increase with height
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