1 .
In a certain code CONQUER is written as MNBRQDT. How is STEAMER written in that code ?
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2 .
Find out the set among the four sets which is like the given set.

Given set : [13 : 20 : 27]
A.  [3 : 11 : 18]
B.  [18 : 25 : 32]
C.  [18 : 27 : 72]
D.  [7 : 14 : 28]
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3 .
Laxmi is elder than Meenu, Leela is elder than Meenu but younger than Laxmi. Lata is younger than both Meenu but Hari and Hari is younger than Meenu. Who is the youngest ?
A.  Laxmi
B.  Meenu
C.  Leela
D.  Lata
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4 .
Pointing to a lady A said. She is the daughter of the only sister of my father. How is lady related to A ?
A.  Mother
B.  Aunt
C.  Sister
D.  Cousin Sister
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5 .
A is father of X, B is mother of Y. The sister of X and Z is Y. Which of the following statement is not definitely true ?
A.  B is the mother of Z
B.  X is the sister of Z
C.  Y is the son of A
D.  B has one daughter
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