1 .
Some men can do a piece of work in 60 days. If 8 more men join them the work is finished 10 days before the stipulated time. How many men were there in the beginning?
A.  35
B.  40
C.  48
D.  52
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2 .
By working 8 hours a day 6 men can Rs. 8400 in a week. How much money will 9 men earn in a week by working 6 hours a day?
A.  5940 Rs
B.  9054 Rs
C.  9450 Rs
D.  9540 Rs.
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3 .
Two trains 160 meter long and 140 m long respectively run at the rate of 77 kmph and 67 kmph respectively in opposite directions on parallel tracks. How long do they take to pass each other?
A.  4.5 seconds
B.  5.5 seconds
C.  6.5 seconds
D.  7.5 seconds
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4 .
A train crosses a 50-m-long-platform in 14 seconds and crosses an electric pole in 10 seconds. What is the speed of the train?
A.  45 kmph
B.  54 kmph
C.  36 kmph
D.  72 kmph
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5 .
In what proportion must some tea at Rs. 60 per kg. be mixed with another tea at Rs. 65 per kg. so that the new mixture is sold at Rs. 68.2 per kg. at a profit of 10%?
A.  2 : 3
B.  3 : 2
C.  4 : 3
D.  5 : 7
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6 .
BE and CF are two medians of $\Delta$ABC and G the centroid. FE cuts AG at O, if OG= 2 cm, then the length of AO
A.  2 cm
B.  4 cm
C.  6 cm
D.  8 cm
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7 .
Let ABC be an equilateral triangle and AX, BY, CZ be the altitudes. Then the right statement out of four given reponses is:
B.  AX$\neq$BY=CZ
C.  AX=BY$\neq$CZ
D.  AX$\neq$BY$\neq$CZ
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8 .
The height of a right circular cylinder is 8 cm. Four times the sum of the area of its two circular faces is twice the area of its curved surface. The radius of the base is
A.  3 cm
B.  4 cm
C.  5 cm
D.  1.5 cm
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9 .
Water flows in a tank whose base is 250m x 100m through a pipe whose cross-section is 3dm by 2.5dm at the speed of 20 km per hour. In what time will the water level rise to 1.5 metres?
A.  25 hours
B.  4.5 hours
C.  45 hours
D.  2.5 hours
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10 .
A well is 23.5 m deep and its diameter is 14m. Find the cost of plastering the inner curved surface at Rs. 4 per square metre
A.  4136 Rs.
B.  4316 Rs.
C.  4436 Rs.
D.  4536 Rs.
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