1 .A watch company produces four different products. The sale of these products in lakhs during 2005 and 2010 are shown in The following bar diagram Study the graph and answer the question

The sales in percentage of wrist watch in 2010 more than the sales of table clock in 2010 was nearly by :
A.  26.7%
B.  27.7%
C.  28.7%
D.  21.7%
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2 .
A number when divided by 10 gives a remainder 3. When the same number is divided 7, the remainder will be ?
A.  3
B.  4
C.  1
D.  can not be determined
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3 .
In a division sum, divisor is 3 times the quotient and 6 times the remainder. If the remainder is 2, then the dividend is ?
A.  48
B.  28
C.  36
D.  50
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4 .
Three numbers which are co-primes to one another are such that the product of the first two is 551 and that of the last two is 1073. The sum of the three numbers is
A.  75
B.  81
C.  85
D.  89
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5 .
A man's pension on retirement from service is equal to half the average salary during last 3 years of his service His salary from 1-1-1983 is Rs. 380 per month with increment of Rs. 40 due on 1-10-83, 1-10-84 and 1-10-85. If he retires on 1-1-86, what pension does he draw per month ?
A.  Rs.205
B.  Rs.215
C.  Rs.225
D.  Rs.230
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6 .
If the $ n^ {th}$ term of an A.P. is 2n+1 Find the sum of first n terms of A.P ?
A.  n (n+2)
B.  n(n+1)
C.  $n^ 2$
D.  n
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7 .
A man has in all Rs. 640 in the denominations of one-rupee, five rupees and ten-rupees notes. The number of each type of note is equal. The total number of each type of notes he has ?
A.  150
B.  120
C.  90
D.  100
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8 .
The numerator of number is increased by 62.5% and denominator is increased by 77.5% The new fraction becomes $13\over 25$ Find the original fraction?
A.  53/50
B.  69/25
C.  52/49
D.  71/125
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9 .
In factory ratio of workers, lobourers and clerks is 8:5:1 and ratio between the wages of one worker, one labourer and one clerk is 5:2:3 If there are 20 labourers working in factory and total wages of the employees is Rs. 318. Find the daily wages of one employee of each category ?
A.  7.5 , 3 , 4
B.  7 , 3 , 4.5
C.  7.5 , 3 , 4.5
D.  7.5 , 4 , 4.5
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10 .
One type of liquid contains 20% water in a mixture of milk and water and the second type of liquid contains 65% of milk in the same type of milk and water solution. A glass is filled with 10 parts of first liquid and 4 parts of second liquid. The water in the new mixture is ?
A.  37 %
B.  46 %
C.  12$1\over 7$%
D.  24$2\over 7$%
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