1 .
A horse worth Rs. 16000 is sold by A to B at 20% loss. B sells the horse back to A at 20% gain. Find the value of loss amount ?
A.  2760
B.  2960
C.  2360
D.  2560
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2 .
What will be the percentage profit after selling an article at label price if there is loss of 30% when the article is sold at $1\over 3$ of the label price ?
A.  80%
B.  90%
C.  110%
D.  150%
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3 .
An article worth Rs. 500 was sold at Rs. 168 after giving three successive discounts of 20%, x% and 40% Find x%.?
A.  30%
B.  35%
C.  55%
D.  32%
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4 .
With a given rate of simple Interest, the ratio of Principal and Amount for a certain period of time is 4:5 After six years, with the same rate of interest, the ratio of the Pricipal and Amount becomes 5:7 The rate of interest is ?
A.  5%
B.  2.5%
C.  4%
D.  10%
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5 .
A sum of money placed at compount interest doubles itseful in 5 years. In how many years, it would amount to eight times of itself at the same rate of interest ?
A.  10 years
B.  20 years
C.  4 years
D.  15 years
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6 .
What is the ratio of the compound Interest payable at 10% per annum for 1 $1\over 2$ years yearly and in half-yearly ?
A.  $720 \over 735$
B.  2
C.  $1240 \over 1261$
D.  $616 \over 625$
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7 .
Three men A,B and C working together can do a job in 6 hours less time than A alone, in 1 hour less time than B alone and in one half the time needed by C when working alone. Then A can do the complete job in ?
A.  $20 \over 3$
B.  4$2 \over 3$
C.  5$1 \over 3$
D.  $10 \over 3$
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8 .
150 workers were engaged to finish a piece of work in certain number of days. Four workers dropped the second day, four workers dropped the third day and so on. It takes 8 more days to finish the work now. Find the number of days in which the work was completed ?
A.  17 days
B.  25 days
C.  24 days
D.  40 days
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9 .
A tap drops at a rate of one drop/second. 600 drops make 100ml. The number of litres wasted in 300 days is ?
A.  4320000
B.  432000
C.  43200
D.  4320
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10 .
Two cars start together in the same direction from the same place. The first goes with uniform speed of 10 km/hr. The second does at a speed of 8 km/hr in the first hour and increases the speed by $1\over 2$ km in each succeeding hour. After how many hours will the second overtake the first car if both cars go non - stop ?
A.  16 hours
B.  9 hours
C.  18 hours
D.  24 hours
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