1 .
Consider the following statements

1. Has the power to grant pardon, reprieve, respite , suspension, emission or commutation in respect of punishment or sentence by court martial vested in president of India

2. Has the power of President and Governor to formation of a new states or the alteration of laundries etc

Which of the statement is given above is/ are true ?
A.  Only 1
B.  Only 2
C.  Both 1 and 2
D.  Neither 1 nor 2
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2 .
Nitrogen is fixed in ecosystems in ways stated below. Which one of the statements below is false ?
A.  by cyanobacteria
B.  by electrical discharges
C.  by Industrially synthesized Fertilizer
D.  by denitrification
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3 .
Soj-i-vatan is the book written by
A.  Premchand
B.  Mahadevi Verma
C.  Mathili Sharan Gupt
D.  Dharmveer Bharti
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4 .
What was the name of first monkey to go in space ?
A.  Sam
B.  Gordo
C.  Bonny
D.  Albert - I
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5 .
The date of partition of Bengal, October 16, 1905, was celebrated on the suggestion of Rabindra Nath Tagore, as
A.  Solidarity Day
B.  Rakhi Bandhan Day
C.  Black Day
D.  Brotherhood Day
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6 .
Which soil is made from the deposits carried by three imported river systems the Indus, the Ganga and the Brahmaputra ?
A.  Black Soil
B.  Alluvial Soil
C.  Laterite Soil
D.  Arid Soil
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7 .
A tax is characterized by horizontal equity if its liability is
A.  proportional to the income of tax payers
B.  similar for tax payers in similar circumstances
C.  proportional to the expenditure of tax payers
D.  the same for every tax payer
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8 .
Which of the following is famous for the moral paintings ?
A.  Ajanta Caves
B.  Sri Rangam Temples
C.  Meenakshi Temples
D.  Elephanta Caves
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9 .
A uniform civil code mentioned in the Directive Principles of State Policy ensure
A.  Economic Equality
B.  Equal law for every citizen
C.  National Security
D.  Support for weaker sections of society
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10 .
The constitutional Principle of the 'Basic Structure' is defined by the ___
A.  Executive
B.  Judiciary
C.  Legislature
D.  Civil society
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